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Upload flash won’t work
Eric Cavalcanti
Total Posts:  710
Joined:  2008-09-28
San Antonio

After upgrade to 1.1.8, I can’t upload images, it won’t show the button no more!
With flash 9 or 10!
What can I do to fix it?

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The Sunday Paper
Sr. Member
Total Posts:  202
Joined:  2008-08-06

Same problem.

(I’m posting in a lot of the threads related to this issue, so it may get tedious to keep seeing the following details, but I want to provide as much potentially relevant info as I can to the person who might be able to figure this out for us.)


Firefox 3.0.4 on Mac OS X
Safari on Mac PS X
Firefox 3.0.4 on Windows XP
Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP


Interface_Adminhtml_Default 1.1.4 (stable) Default interface for Adminhtml
Interface_Frontend_Default 1.1.3 (stable) Default interface for Frontend
Interface_Frontend_Default_Modern 1.1.4 (stable) This is a new alternative theme to the Magento default interface.
Interface_Install_Default 1.1.2 (stable) Default interface for Install
Lib_Google_Checkout 1.1.1 (stable) Google Checkout Library
Lib_Js_Calendar 1.0.18800 (stable) Javascript Libraries for Magento
Lib_Js_Ext 1.0.18800 (stable) Extjs Javascript Libraries for Magento
Lib_Js_Mage 1.1.2 (stable) Javascript Libraries for Magento
Lib_Js_Prototype 1.1.2 (stable) Prototype and Scriptaculous Javascript Libraries for Magento
Lib_LinLibertineFont 1.1.1 (stable) Libertine Open Fonts Project fonts for PDF print-outs
Lib_Varien 1.1.2 (stable) Varien Library
Lib_ZF 1.1.1 (stable) Zend Framework
Lib_ZF_Locale 1.1.1 (stable) Zend Framework Locale
Mage_All_Latest 1.1.6 (stable) Metapackage for latest Magento 1.1 release
Mage_Core_Adminhtml 1.1.6 (stable) Magento Administration Panel
Mage_Core_Modules 1.1.6 (stable) Collection of Magento Core Modules
Mage_Downloader 1.1.1 (stable) Magento Downloader

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