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Shipping Table using minimum fee with maximum based on order value
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Actually a two part question. 

I have a need for shipping rates based on minimum charge for order with additional cost when order is over a certain total value.  Example:  shipping cost is 7% of order value with minimum of $7.95. 

How would I write this in a shipping table?

I also have orders that are based on minumum shipping cost per unit.  i.e. $10.95. $12.95, $14.95, etc per case.  The challenge arises when the two (units & cases) are mixed in the same order. 

Can anyone suggest how I could write a table or otherwise address the situation when order is a combination of units (7% with minimum charge $7.95) and balance of order cases requiring cost (10.95, 12.95, 14.95, etc) per case.  The s/h charged depends on whether cases or units?  The result I’m looking for adds the single units together (applying 7% with $7.95 min) + the cases at $10.95, $12.95, $14.94, etc totaling the two.

This is further complicated by situation that in rare instances the customer group (retail, preferred, wholesale) can determine which of the two s/h pricing methods is used. 

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