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Upgrade from 1.5.1 to 1.6 FAIL - site completely killed
Jr. Member
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Hey folks,
Our site is hosted with Aspiration Hosting, who has been great throughout this issue and are currently working to help resolve the issue, but figured I’d post here to try and get additional insight.  I appreciate your thoughts.

I received a notice from them that v1.6 was available for upgrade through their cPanel applications menu. So I thought cool, some nice fixes and new features, it’s worth it. So with the site backed up, I began the upgrade process using their system.... Upon completion of the upgrade, our site was completely offline, displaying nothing but errors. I have attached a .txt file of the errors displayed.

We attempted to restore a backup, which was able to get our fronted site back online, however the backend had a lot of gremlins in the system.  we’re unable to reindex due to time out errors, and all our product images are gone.  the product descriptions have weird characters in them now as well.  Needless to say, very frustrating.

Our cPanel displays the version of Magento to be 1.6, even after we tried to restore the backup.  My thoughts were to wipe the system, install v1.5.1 clean, THEN try to restore our backup… your thoughts? 

is there a better way to conduct this upgrade?

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magento-upgrade-errors.txt  (File Size: 14KB - Downloads: 583)
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Brent W Peterson
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If you can re-index using ssh you will have more luck,

Also did you use your backed up version of the the database or your upgraded version?

If you are on Cpanel you may just want to copy in the new files using the file manager and upgrade that way. Everything else should work fine. If you can change the max_excecution time while you upgrade to 0 and your timeout to 18000 that would help

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