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Product description not showing correctly
Matt Collins
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-09-17

I’ve bulk imported a set of products, which has gone fine before, but now the description is being truncated.
It’s cutting off at 255 characters when it displays.

The data is there in the admin tool.

I’ve created a new, configurable product and it has displayed the description in full.

I’ve tried editing one of the products with a truncated description, and the amended description doesn’t come through to the front end.

I’ve looked at the product object on the front end, and there’s a difference in the object.

On the product that doesn’t work properly, the incorrect version of the description is in the sub-array called “data”.
The correct version (which doesn’t show) has been populated into the array called “defaultValues”.

On the correctly working product, the correct data is in “data” and “defaultValues” is empty.

I’ve flushed the cache and no change.

Any ideas why it’s behaving like this and how I can make it work?


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