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One-Page Checkout Login Failing with 1.1.7
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-10-24

Since upgrading to 1.1.7, I’m seeing the login on the one-page checkout always give “Invalid Login or Password” even when the account is valid. I can login through the My Account login page, logout, go to checkout, login with the same information and it says invalid. I can then go back to My Account, login and see the items from my saved cart and my new cart have been combined the way they should, even though I was never able to login on the checkout page. I’ve tried this with multiple accounts and they all behave the same. Last week before the upgrade this all worked fine.

Anyone else seeing this? Is it a bug or something unique to my changed checkout template? I did have to add an empty div with class “col-right side-col hidden” to get around the Billing to Shipping tabs bug caused by modifying the layout classes and ids. Is there a new div class that is required with the update?


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