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same user in multiple customer groups
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I know as is of 1.1.7 a user/customer can only be put into 1 customer group but I want t be able putting a customer into several groups and my question is if this is on the roadmap? and if not, is it a daunting task to program myself?

I am new to Magento so maybe someone with more knowledge and insight could provide a view?

I am not a PHP developer per se, more of a desktop programmer, although I have no problem reading and understanding and eve put together some php code.

Why would I like to have this? Well first of all it’s limiting with just one group per user, but also I see groups as something of a role system and a user/customer can have different roles in different situations. What I want to use it for is to restrict what a customer is able to access and/or what price a customer pay for different product. An example, with software sales:

A customer can by full retail of several software products, but then I will also be able to offer purchase of upgrades, where I thought of customer groups to a way to control this but it doesn’t work in current state of Magento as belonging to one “upgrade group” for one product, exclude being a member of another one. Or is there maybe another solution to this problem which I haven’t thought of?

I have looked for this feature in several eCommerse apps but w/o luck. I one (other) I have teoretically though figured out a way to program it (php) but the problem is that app hasn’t had any updates for almost 2 years and a new version is on its way with lots of rewrites but w/o much of transperancy of what’s going on. The only thing I understand is that I will probably have to rewrite my mod completely and as this update has been on coming for quite some time (they just seem to never get ready) I better look for something more “modern” right now, hence I am looking at Magento wink

Grateful for any input?


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We have the same requirements for a magento project. One customer can have different discounts for a product group or a single product.

User A has 30% for product group X and 25% for product group Y.
User B has 10% for product group X and 15% for product group Y.

Has anyone a idea to solve that problem?

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