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i have a few errors i cant seem to fix
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Joined:  2008-11-24

Hello everyone well i have a few errors i get on my pages and i cant seem to figure out how to fix them, nor can i find anywhere or anything helpful to help with them, basically on most pages this error comes up

Firefox error console:
$("error_tracking_link") is null … and in firefox in the error console depending on what page the file it says it is from varies but the main part is the index.php in the root folder… what gets me is it says the error is on line 245… but there is no line 245 in this file..

IE7 error:
it is meaning the same as the fire fox one but it says…
Error: ‘null’ is null or an object

then states the url which is the root folder again....

i cant for the life of me to figure it out… neither can the other web developer in my office… might need a new set of eyes or someone who knows more about this program

if anyone can help will be much apreciated

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