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Magento overloaded host server
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I installed Magento on a LAMP server a week last Friday. I also installed a duplicate of the system on my development machine.

I’m not too sure about the host architecture but my development machine is apache 2.2 with php 5.2.5 running on kubuntu Linux (kernel > 2.6)

The problem is, whenever I try and browse the CMS structure, in particular the administrative structure, Magento eats processor resources. This is not too much of an issue for my dev-machine but it has got my works IP banned from the live-server twice and that is kind of a major issue.

Is there any way of telling what might be causing Magento to overload the CPU? I.E. are there any modules, either for PHP or Apache which are known to cause issues with Magento?

This is happening on a completely clean install of Magento 1.1.6 with absolutely no content added to the CMS and no development work having been carried out.

At the time my IP was banned from the server, I was only browsing looking for areas which need extra work to meet my clients needs.

Thank you

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I have been wondering the same. Wow can’t believe your host actually banned your ip. That’s some serious IDS working for ya. I’ve looked into this issue quite a bit and so have quite a few other members here. I’ve actually had a little success with eaccellerator and using the backend cache but not really much. I’d too would like to see magento fully streamlined and I’m sure this will happen but for now it’s just a waiting game. I’m trying to learn magento’s architecture, design and db structure and it has given me enough to work with for the time being wink
You may want to search the forums here, I believe there are quite a few others working on this along with the team. I’d be interested in knowing if you find out anything. I’m running a new install on Windows 2k3, latest xampp build w/quad core xeon, 8GB, scsi raid. The site runs well but does put quite a load on the cpu.

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