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accessibility skip-to link on demo store
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Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Hey, well done Varien!  Great to see what you guys (and girls) have been working on.

Glad to see that you have been making considerations for accessibility (clean xhtml, minimised use of tables, text as text, resizable text, skip-to link, etc.)

While a lot of these aspects are probably more to do with the template that you have developed for the demo store, I’m sure you have had to take them all into account while developing the core system as well.

One little nitpick about the skip-to link; it would be good if it jumped to the main central content on each page. On some pages it doesn’t skip over all the right-column links/navs/tags etc.

I look forward to having a go at developing a theme and see for myself how flexible the system is and what I can achieve.


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Hi Ross,

I just cross by your Thread, and I am starting developing a store that need to be accessible.

Did you manage to implement the Accessibility skip-to on a demo store?
Could you share it here?

And if you have any tips of other threads that I could understand and create a store with better accessibility and learn more how to implement it in the magento I would be really glad!!

Thanks in advance,

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