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Problems after migration
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Joined:  2008-08-27

I just moved my site from production server to the real thing and now I have some issues…

Just a short story of what I did, the production site was on the same server as the sharp one so first I downloaded it to my local computer just to test if I got any errors but it all went perfect, took not so much time and all worked exactly like on the production server.

- When I uploaded my local copy to the live server I first thought that it all went well but then I noticed that some of my images are missing - not all but some.
- I have refreshed all cash and also emptied the var folder - no change.
- I somehow accidentally changed the permission on the domains folder on my web server when I tried to fix the issue with the images and got a 403 error. After that was fixed I now have a weird thing - there are things added to my base url:;=storeview The numbers after id= are new every time but the store view is always the same.
This means that I can’t see the first page anymore! I can see sub pages if I copy and paste the pathay from my local or development installations but as soon as I try to go to the first page I get that weird /report/ added to the url. I can’t delete it because as soon as I refresh it comes back.

I am on Magento 1.1.6. Permissions are 775 on folders and 755 on files.

Am getting a bit desperate… I guess I should try to delete the whole copy and transfer it back up again… Because it is strange that it works locally (from a copy of the dev site) but not on the live site!

If anyone have a suggestion, please write a few lines! smile

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