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Admin Buttons not working in 1.1.7
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Hi, i orginaly installed magento 1.1.6 full install with sample data and had no problems, i thought i would then put on a clean install and customise as required.
This is where the problems started, i used the newest version of magento 1.1.7 full install and followed the installation steps as i did on the previous installation.
I then log into the admin area and the only control button that works is “Dashboard” all the hyperlinks work but no buttons.
I replaced the head.php file (i have included this in case it helps someone else); and chmoded my files folders set to 755, files set to 644, but still nothing.
I have checked my server has all the requirements (also included the php file) and tried logging in on various browsers.
There must be an answer as to why it works with the sample data but not without it.
Why cant magento rectify this problem in new versions it must be putting off alot of business if you cant even install it fresh without having to adjust everything and add new files etc.

Any help would be apreciated

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magento-check.php  (File Size: 1KB - Downloads: 91)
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Laguna Hills, CA


If your error log says something like ---> SoftException in Application ---> GID of script is smaller than min_gid

Do the following…

If you have a cPanel/WHM server login to WHM ---> Service Configuration ---> Configure PHP and SuExec

Then change the PHP 5 Handler in the drop menu to fcgi and save the configuration.

The go back to your Magento admin and reload and it should work.

If you are not on a cPanel/WHM server then google for Configure PHP and SuExec to FCGI and look for your server in the results

Good Luck… and please report your success or failure as it will help others.


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Hi All

My magneto admin links and buttons are not working..

Would anyone like to help me in resolving this problem?

Any kind of help will be appreciated…

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