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Pin Delivery System - Version 3.0 Launched
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Pin Delivery System

UPDATE: Version 3 of our Pin Delivery System is now out!
You can now add serial numbers, passwords and pin numbers to Existing and New Products in your Magento shopping cart. 

View New Screenshots here:
New Product:;=37&aid;=16951_ulnLTp6f4nmQI352UQuB&board;_id=1

Existing Product:;=37&aid;=16951_ulnLTp6f4nmQI352UQuB&board;_id=1

View More here:

The update now allows for special characters in numeral and alpha numeral in pins, serials and passwords added. If you have an existing site with products that you want to apply a special code or serial number, this will do that.

When the product is purchased the pin delivery system will send the unique codes or serial number to the customer via email and/or to the admin along with the product. The customer will also see the code on screen instantly after purchase.

This can work well for sites selling software using Magento and other digital products that require serials or passwords. This extension is an advance Pin Delivery System for Magento Shopping Cart written in PHP.

Essentially how the mod works is that it allows for the importation/adding of pin numbers into Magento via the admin control panel. This can be done manually one at a time, multiple lines of numbers or bulk import via a cvs/text file of pins, serial numbers and passwords.

For example if a user is making a phone card purchase in this case they will have their pin number shown instantly on the screen after the purchase is confirmed. A copy of the pin number will also be sent to their email address on file. This method can be used for a variety of industries including: selling video game cards online, selling gift certificates online, selling phone cards online, selling password keys online, selling serial numbers online for selling digital products etc.

You can email: to find out more or if you are interested in this product. We accept PayPal, Bank Deposits, Western Union and other merchant payments.

We also accept Bank Deposits via Bank of Amraica.
Custom programming services are also available. We can create various mods to sell calling cards online, sell software serial numbers, phone cards scripts, pin delivery scripts, pin delivery software, calling card pin generator, serial numbers software and more. You get 6 months free support with our service. The application is easy to install but if you don’t have the time we can do it for you at a rate of $50 (per hour) for installation services. Some modified versions of Magento may require extra programming to install our mod. This is the best Instant Pin Delivery System on the Internet. Buy Online Now!

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