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Mage World: Easy CMS/block module extension review
Tim Hengeveld
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2010-12-14

Hi everyone,

I just downloaded and installed the Easy CMS/block module extension from Mage World (

Just as the state on their website, you can add Cms Static blocks to the 8 predefined positions and it works very easy.

After looking at the code i’m wondering what they are doing though…

The plugin only needs the config.xml (where not even half of the xml is needed) and the freecms.xml layout update file (where the catalog_product_view xml part is not needed).

All other files and code are completely bogus and not even used. The install zip also has another layout update xml file freecmsblocks.xml with a bunch of unneeded xml updates. This file is not used either. A lot of their code, which is never called and therefore doesn’t do anything, is taken (mostly directly) from the core.

Does Mage World want to look interesting by adding a bunch of files and code to make the extension seem very difficult?

I’ve seen this post ( which already made me a bit wary of Mage World. This post is not intended to burn Mage World down, i’m just looking for some other experiences, since some of their commercial extensions look very interesting, but i’m not sure if they are the right party to buy my extensions from…

Kind regards,

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