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White Screen…(of Death)
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Hi everyone,

Our server seems to have a huge issue with a particular client’s Magento account. We get a call from them at least once a week regarding downtime on their e-commerce subdomain in which we have Magento installed. Naturally we assumed there was an issue regarding the Apache server refresh that we have every 24 hours (around midnight), but in order to have Magento display at all we’ve tried odd things like deactivate Python Support, and, on confirmation of display, we reactivate Python support and it still works. We’ve tried this for our other supported services (PHP, CGI, etc.) and they turn into a solution, as well. Just the other day we reinstalled Magento and the problem persists.

Is there a server setting or something that’s causing this goofy behavior? Should we be setting our server refresh rate to something more frequently than 24 hours? Or am I doomed to spend a few minutes each day disabling then re-enabling support for my client? <--(temporary LOL is ok, but in the long run that’s a terrible solution)

Tanks and Thanks

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Have you checked the error logs for both the client and the server?

Also, try enabling error reporting, it’s commented out by default in the index.php file, so you just need to open that up and remove the hash sign so it looks like this:


Most likely though, if you’re seeing a white screen, it’s a memory issue or you’re getting a segmentation fault. Try increasing the memory_limit for PHP, either at the master or local level. If that doesn’t fix it, post your PHP info file:

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