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How do I import from company feeds? 
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Firstly, Hello Magento Community!

I’m looking to build a very simple e-commerce site that pulls in feeds from suppliers and displays the products on our website.

There are a few caveats.

Firstly, the one I’m trying to get working at the moment is how do I import one feed from the supplier into Magento, I’ve looked at the Import/Export tab and it really doesn’t seem to give a clear idea on what to do? Maybe I’m missing something?

That will get the basics of my site running but then I’ll reach another caveat which is where I want to import multiple feeds (some of the products will be supplied via various suppliers and some will overlap but one supplier may have a better price, or stock etc) so will need to run some form of query.

Any one able to help me firstly import just the one feed?

And if you have any ideas for multiple feeds I’ll be interested in learning more!

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I can offer you such solution that can both update your inventory from multiple suppliers directly (there’s no need to even download their file to you PC) and that can keep the lowest price or play by any other rules that you want to apply:
You can check its documentation to see how it works or contat with developers and they will assist you with all your requirements.

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Hi John,
I’d suggest you to try this one out:
Just set up your import details and perform a free demo to make sure your products are imported just fine.
If you’re satisfied just go ahead and import your feed to the store.

When you get to importing multiple feeds, you can create a schedule of updates and it will work automatically, starting on the days and hours you’ve specified. Here’s a detailed instruction on how to set up scheduled imports and updates of your catalogue:

Hope this helps and your business flourishes
Let me know if you have any other questions

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