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Magento - Paypal payments pro ***Does’nt work*** - please help
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Joined:  2011-04-27

I have spent a good 15-20 hours of my time trying to get ot to work. Been on the phone to paypal integration and I have a magento developer looking at it aswell. It looks like it is it making the API call but no transaction is going through.

Has anyone else having this problem? Have you solved it. Do you want ot earn some kudos on here? If so post away. Let me know how to get the integration up and running. I haven’t even bothered with the sandbox mode as I don’t see point - I am not competing with sony. I do have a est product on my site that is only £1 for test purposes so before anyone else says try sandbox can you at least tell me why its important to get a test function working before hand.

If its an easy fix I have yet to find it - and I have hunted high and low for a fix on here as well - still without success.

Please help!!!

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