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“Internal server error” for javascript - FF/Safari broken (but not IE)
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-21

I have a strange problem - I first noticed that the product zoom was no longer working, and then I noticed under the admin that the ‘drop-down’ menus weren’t working. It seems something has gone wrong with javascript for the site.

If I load the site up under Safari I can see that .js files are loading with an ‘internal server error’ (using Safari’s activity panel). Strange bit is that the site is still working fine unde ie6/7, this issue is definitely affecting affecting FF2/3 (Mac/Win) and Safari.

Any idea how I might fix this, and what the ‘internal server error’ might mean?

You can see what happens trying to load the javascript file here

And here is a sample rendered page:

This happened right after installing the eway extension (which I’ve sinced uninstalled).

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