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Changes in 0.7.14800 for developers
Magento Team
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With the latest 0.7.14800 version there were few changes introduced that would affect the way you create a custom modules.

* First of all, SVN users should switch to

* Custom module declarations in separate files in app/etc/modules per namespace, distributor or package
With this feature you won’t loose your module declarations with next upgrades by overwriting config.xml or local.xml

* Configuration sections, groups and fields declarations moved from `core_config_field` table into [Module]/etc/system.xml configuration file.
Please take a look in the core modules for reference
It should be noted the from next release the default configuration values will be moved from install/upgrade sql scripts (inserts into `core_config_data` table) - to config.xml files.

* There were few changes in the way payment methods are invoked and form / info blocks are created.
The changes were quite extensive and most probably will sustain more updates over next releases.

I’ll post more updates and give you heads up as soon as they’ll come up.


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