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1. It seems to me that the checkout buttons should go to the “my cart” page since that is the only page where the payment options are listed (like Google Checkout & PayPal). Either that or the payment methods need to be available on the checkout page. As a customer, I would not know that payment options (paypal or google checkout) were available if only I had clicked on the “My Cart” instead of checkout. Since the “mini cart” is on the right I would be inclined to begin the checkout process by simply clicking the Checkout button.
2. On the admin side of Magento it would be great to “customize” the view of the product listing pages (Catalog/Manage Products). Currently there are several things we can see: name, sku, price, enabled/disabled, etc. However, there are other pieces of information that I would like to be able to search a custom attribute (manufacturers) or by category. This would be very helpful to those of us who may change manufacturers or who need to manage items in specific categories.
3. AND THIS IS THE BIGGEST MOST DESIRED REQUEST - It would be SOOOOOOOO extremely helpful, for those of us managing more than 20 items, to be able to “add” categories through our product upload. For example, I currently have a new vendor and have over 10,000 products to add. There are over 100 categories and so I have to go make the category then I have to add an imaginary product so I figure out what NUMBER the category is so that I can assign the number to products before uploading them. Wouldn’t it be better to just let us “add” categories through the upload by NAME (have Magento check to see if the category exists, if so then add the product to it, if not create the category using the baisc options we select for how we want new categories to be created.

It seems to me that some of the functionality of Magento is based on a very small ecommerce site...I could not imagine anyone with more than 100-200 products to be able to manage their inventory effectively without some serious man hours. Think larger in would Magento digest 10,000 products (or 100,000 products). How could Magento help the end user manage that amount of data? Also, there are some companies that have many different vendors and we don’t always have the same information available from vendor to vendor so it is often a chore to just get the data ready for use, putting it into Magento should be the easy part.

Also, a couple other features I like to see would be an error report when importing products (although it indicates a failure it doesn’t let you know what failed specifically or why). That would be helpful for anyone doing mass uploads so they know which ones failed (in a list of 500 products you’d have to look one by one to figure out what made it into the catalog vs. what you were attempting to export). I’d also like to be able to add custom fields for checkout or in the My Account section and would like to be able to edit the top links.


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