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Buy Point Packs and then redeem points for products
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I’ve got a client that is offering quite a specific service. The client wants to do on the website is to offer Point Packs, of 50 points, 100 points, etc. These points will be worth £1 each or something similar. Once the customer has chosen a Point Pack they will have a number of Available Points to spend. The customer will then be able to choose products, which will each have a points-value, up the number of points within the pack. When each product is added, the product points value will be deducted from the Available Points.

Once the customer has used up all of the Available points, the customer will choose packaging. For packaging, the customer has to choose ribbon and packing.

Once both products and packing has been chosen, the customer goes to Checkout and the process is fairly standard from then on. This all happens in one transaction as well.

I realise this is pretty specific functionality. The main questions I have are:

1) Does Magento feature ‘choose points pack’ and then redeem points functionality?
2) If not, will this involve quite a significant amount of work to implement this?
3) Once the products have been chosen, does Magento allow users to choose types of packaging?

Thanks in advance, and I hope this makes sense!

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