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Calling custom attributes into static blocks
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Hi all.  I’m hoping someone can help me out here.  I’m fairly new to magento and know a little bit of programming but not anything advanced.  I’m trying to have the multiple values from a custom attribute appear under each of my products on category pages.  Here’s the kicker.  In order to gain better flexibility organizing products on my category pages, I’m using static blocks (here is an example: NOTE i’m just using static blocks in this one category for now)

Basically in my static block I’m using html and magento shortcodes to get all the product information that mirrors a standard category page.  I tried calling my custom attribute, called ‘use’, into the static block but the value only displayed if 1 of the values in the multi select attribute was selected.  If I chose more than 1, it just displayed “array” on my category page - not good.

To overcome this I figured I needed a bit of php - this is where I’m lost.  I created a new block to put this new php and called it into my static block as follows: {{block type="core/template" template="custom/use.phtml"}}.  My question is what is the php code I need to put in my new use.phtml file in order to display multiple attribute values? 

I guess my second question would then be, is there a better way to go about what I’m trying to accomplish?

Hope I didnt confuse anyone and would really appreciate any help!


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I need this as well, did you ever figure it out?

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