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Custom modules in single file tree - like the Vendor folder in Rails
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-08-31

When developing multiple websites and modules, it’s very difficult to keep shared code up to date in all projects, and use version control (like GIT) at the same time. This is mostly because a single magento module has files in multiple folders, spread across the installation.

If all of a modules files (code, layout, base template, locale) could be in a single tree, we could manage that tree as a GIT submodule, and share it across multiple projects with ease. No more copy pasting modules from one project to the next as updates occur.

My request would be to add an additional option, to load a module in a “vendor” (cfr. Ruby) codepool (next to the already existing core, community and local pools), but this requires changes to the Mage_Core_Model_Config class, and possibly template classes as well, since we have single inheritance.

These things are all hard coded into Magento, before any other module is loaded, and cannot be extended without changing core files. Events are also not an option.

In general, it’d be great to have greater flexibility as far as the file structure is concerned.

If help is needed, I’m willing to put in time for this.

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