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Australia Post - Satchels
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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.

For our Australian customers, we offer express or registered post, both are sent using satchels.  Express post is easy - using either the table rate that’s built in, or the Matrix rates app, basically a price dependant on weight, Australia wide.

Registered post is harder.  We use the standard (red) satchels, with a registered label on the front.  Price then goes up based on weight PLUS $1.50 per $100.  Having trouble with this one - any suggestions?

-------------------------------------Up to $100---- Up to $200---Up to $300----Up to $400
Under 500 grams------------- $9---------------$10.50---------$12--------------$13.50
500 grams to 3 kilograms---$12--------------$13.50---------$15--------------$16.50
3 kilograms to 6 kilograms--$24--------------$27-------------$30--------------$33

(sorry about the formatting, trying to display what I’m trying to do)

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Blue Mountains, Oz

I would think that possibly the Premium version of Matrixrates might work for you.
It would be worth looking at the docs for it on

This is what the wiki for Premium Matrixrates says for the feature I *think* may work for you:

Price, Weight, # Items Combined Filtering
The shipping extension looks for possible matches in the table in order to display the applicable shipping rates. With Price and Weight filtering, it is possible to set criteria in the table where products under a certain price and weight have different rates to those that are higher. For example, you can say a rate for when a package is under $200 and weighs less and 2KG then have a different rate when above 2KG, etc. Additionally there is the ability to filter based on number of items for the package in the basket.”

Does that sound helpful?

Even if it doesn’t, it’s well worth contact Karen at Webshopapps, as she is the best at finding shipping solutions…


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