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Mage_RegFreeShip extention removal
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-02-20

I’m attempting to upgrade to from When attempting the upgrade we receive the below error.

CONNECT ERROR: Package community/Mage_Core_Modules conflicts with: community/Mage_RegFreeShip 0.1.0

When we attempt to unistall Mag_RegFreeShip we receive the below error:

CONNECT ERROR: community/Mage_Core_Modules is required by: community/SingleFeed_Export 1.1.1, community/Mage_Centinel, community/Find_Feed 1.0.8, community/Mage_Compiler, community/Interface_Frontend_Base_Default, community/Interface_Frontend_Default, community/Mage_Core_Adminhtml, community/Magento_Mobile, community/Phoenix_Moneybookers 1.2.5, community/Interface_Frontend_Default_Modern, community/Interface_Install_Default, community/Mage_All_Latest

Any assistance in manually removing Mag_RegFreeShip would be greatly appreciated.

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