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Magento API? I’m confused. 
Austin Biggs
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Joined:  2008-11-18
Wichita, Kansas

I’m currently developing a custom platform for a stock photo website and I was wondering a few things.

(My platform you could think of as a wrapper for Magento [it uses the Zend Framework as well as magento])

1. Can I login/Register using the API?
2. Is there anyway to set a category for my product on my platform’s end and then with the api have different prices via the category an item falls under?
3. Would it be faster to store my products in Magento and retrieve them from my platform or would it be faster to store the products in my platform and then retrieve them from there
4. how hard would it be to (if possible):
make login/register form using the api
make/edit/delete products form using the api
retrieve products using the api
buy products (from my platform) using set prices in magento

Any and All help is Appreciated.  wink

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