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importing products from CSV file
Jon Edwards
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About a week ago I did my first “test” product import from a CSV file. Things seemed to work smoothly but there was one screen I recall seeing during the import process that I’m not getting now and I can’t figure out how to get there. I remember there being a screen before the actual import ran that allowed me to select or skip the various columns of the CSV file that was being imported. I never get that screen now for some reason, when I select “run profile in popup”, it just starts going? Can anyone help?

Here is exactly what I’m doing.

From System->import/export->profiles -> Import All Products

Entity type: Products
Direction: Import
Store: Default (admin) Values
Number of Records: 1
Decimal Separator: .

Data transfer: Interactive

Type: CSV/Tab separated
Value Delimiter: ,
Enclose Values in: “
Original Magento attribute names in first row: Yes

Then I click “save and continue editing”

Then I click Upload File-> select my file, “save and continue”

Then I click Run Profile -> select my file that is now on the server -> click “Run Profile in Popup”

This starts the import process and I never have a chance to select/skip certain columns. I swear I had another step where I could see a “preview” or something of the file I was about to import and skip certain columns if I didn’t want to import everything. For example, if I only want to import new pricing, and not new descriptions.

One other related question. It seems that in the process of running multiple imports on a test product that now I have multiple copies of the same product image. I’m guessing that I need to delete all of the images from the “import” directory on the server after I do my initial import? Will this prevent multiple copies of my product images from showing up if I do an “update” product import down the road?



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