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HELP needed
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Hi all,

I’m trying to install Magento ver with the sample data ver 1.2.0.
Can"t get it done.

I’ve tried several options multiple times.

Running the slq script ends in errors. something with the error The used table type doesn’t support FULLTEXT indexes
Searched for a solutiion, found one. (changed ENGINE=MyISAM)
sql script end normal
Installing Magento ver
Wizard ends normal
Link to backend results in 404 page not found. So there is no backend!
Link to frontend looks normal, i think, with Furniture, Electronics and Apparel but there are no articles! (Whoops, our bad...)

Uninstall and try again, same error!

Installing Magento ver without sample data works!
backend and frontend. of course its empty.

What do i have to do to see the sample data?
How can i get Magento to work properly so I can test and explore and discover the possibilities?

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Hello ,

Please check your downloaded file there is some problem in files they are missing .

please make a fresh download of magento version and then check .

i hope this would wok .

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1) Make backups of these files:

2) In both files, change the SQL commands CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE and DROP TEMPORARY TABLE to simply CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE.

3) In mysql4-upgrade-1.3.99-, within the large $installer->run( ) function, change CREATE TABLE ` to CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `. (Notice that I included the left single-quote. This prevents a Find and Replace function from recursively correcting itself in a loop.) There are 18 instances that should be replaced. NOTE: This change does not apply to the fix to the CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE command that’s been changed in the previous step; It only applies to the ones between lines 53 thru 683.

4) Follow the normal setup instructions. (Preload database with the 1.2.0 sample data, upload the /media folder contents, set permissions to 777, and proceed with install by going to your site’s default directory.)

5) After the install, go into the Admin Panel. There should be a warning that Indexes need to be rebuilt. Follow the link to resolve.

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