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Moved Magento from one server to another
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I have recently installed and implimented magento on a site that i am developing, the site was all looking good when it had to moved from the server to a new one, the istalation went fine and the site files where moved as well. Although all of a sudden the site no longer displayes properly. All of the conent is there as ot should be however now the top toolbar that i had is’nt displaying instead it shows the text ‘getChildHtml(’topMenu’)?> ‘

Is there anything i am doing wrong?

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You need to follow three steps to move you Magento implementation form one server to another.

1) Clean your /var folder (delete all the folders inside the first one).

2) Change the /app/etc(loca.xml configuration settings (user, password and databse name).

3) Enter to your database, and run this queries.

SELECT FROM core_config_data WHERE path 'web/unsecure/base_url' OR path 'web/secure/base_url';

This gonna show you something like this.

config_id scope   scope_id path                  value                                |
| default |        web/unsecure/base_url |
|         | default |        web/secure/base_url |

Then, run an update of that values (your old url) with the new ones.

UPDATE core_config_data SET value '' WHERE path LIKE 'web/%/base_url';

If you run the select again, you gonna get the correct url.

Take a look at the forum. This issues was explained a lot of times.


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