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Please help - Catalog Price Rules - New rules won’t apply
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I recently upgraded from an old 0.9x version of Magento to 1.16.

After upgrade, I found 3 rows (i have two stores) in catalog_product_entity_decimal for each product entity.  The attribute ID for these was 504 which represents minimal price in eav_attribute entity.

Since I was having a issue of “as low as” showing up with all products and not going away, i deleted all rows from the table catalog_product_entity_decimal where attribute_id was 503.  This did not take away the “as low as” thing.  Thereafter I truncated the catalog_price_rule tables and catalogindex_minimal_price

Thereafter, if I create a new catalog rule and click on apply rule - nothing happens.  Browser waits endlessly and in another session I see Rules Applied message.  The frontend has no change in pricing.

Please help.

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