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My Account Dashboard toal price cant be greater than 100.000.000
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Joined:  2010-11-29

Currently I am using Magento version 1.4.1. I have overcome quite a lot but I encountered the biggest error “Can not have too 100,000,000.00 e import prices.”

If you enter the e 100,000,000.00, the system immediately rounded on 100,000,000.00 e (for example, the total cost of an order valued at 125,000,000.00 e will do round about 100 million, 00 e, so did wrong in the price of customer orders.)

I have references in # t280303 but only fix the import price in the admin and error display when ordering. But in
My Account Dashboard (General Information) when clicking on the account information of all customer orders are orders for 100 million VND default. > <And the sale within the admin section of this bill is the default value is 100 million VND

View image display bug in the file attachment attack.

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