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select product from attribute
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Hello hello,

I wish to add a product in magento by selecting products that have a valid attribute.

So I explain myself, I would like to select products that I do on the home page, I attribute thus creates a yes / no
I added in groups attribute.

Then in my book I select yes to display on the homepage.

Then I created:
a copy of selected product.

Code :

$products   $product->setStoreId($storeId)->getCollection() 
addAttributeToSelect(array('name''price''small_image'), 'inner'
addAttributeToSelect(array('special_price''special_from_date''special_to_date'), 'left'

I attribute identifier for a ‘home’ and I want to select those that had true. I created the corresponding view as well. But when I want my select products based on the attribute it does not work! it only displays products for which I have already completed the fields once a yes or no. It is there another method of selection addAttributeToSelect? Thank you
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Hi flopy

The addAttributeToSelect method will add the attribute to the SELECT in the generated sql query. So you have to use this method to get the attribute’s data in your returned collection, but not to test the attribute value. If you want to test the attribute value, whether it’s true or false, you have to use the method ->addAttributeToFilter(’attribute_name’, ‘attribute_value’). You have also some other ways to use this method, if you want to make more complex queries, with several conditions.

That’s it !

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