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In the past few releases Magento seems to have dropped the ball on every release. Consider past 10 releases.
One major issue was the security hole which was identified next day of the release was the config.xml Issue.
Other issues such as major functionality depreciation such as category assignment during import export and other category related issues that have been popping up in the forums and bugs list every now and then due to a major change in the database.

Up until 1.4.0 things were great no major issues after the 1.4.2 and 1.5.0 version there has been lot of noise in the forums about issues with these releases.

I would like to get everyone opinion on What they think about the new releases that magneto is coming up with. And how frequently do you trust the release as to upgrade right away.

Also being such a large & diverse software if be interesting to know which features of Magento do the users like the most?
Are there any features that have gone missing ?

Being a community software. What dose the Magento community think about the direction Magento is headed into if you know what that is?

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