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How long to customize - how much to pay
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Hi, I am a web producer serious considering Maganto as an option, but I need to plan and budget a build.

I’m looking for a site with, AI, functionality, look and feel similar
to this one

To be more specific we’d look for a developer/programmer (PHP) with a working knowledge of the Zend framework and EAV database architecture to do the following:

* Implement custom design layout (we’ll supply the designs as
photoshop images or other) we’d probably need some static blocks
(would need some advice on that).
* Integrating with PayPal, Google Checkout.
* Importing up to 30 simple products into categories in Magento
* Addition of up to 10 pages in Magento’s own CMS.
* Integration and installation with Wordpress blog on same domain
(we will design the blog and deal with the html and CSS templates)

My 2 questions are as follows:

1. How long will it take realistically to customise Magento (in days)?
2. How much should one expect (per day) for a developer with these skills.

I am in the UK but estimates from elsewhere are welcome.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

I think that you can’t use simplistc answers.
Each client has their own rules, even differents projects for the same client has differetns requirements.

When you talk about customization, maybe you need to be more specific.
Are you talking design?
You gonna prefer use an existing theme (liek modern) or build one for the scartch (using the blank theme).
Also, do you need some changes into the backend?
You want to integrate Magento with some ERP or CRM software?
You got your payment gateway extension or it’s necessary to develop the integration?

There are a lot of variables that you have to consider.

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