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Incorrect prices at cart.  portion of price becomes tax?? 
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Magento site upgraded through a few versions now.  We are upgraded to but are seeing part of the price 5.9% listed as tax at the cart.  See attached image.  It doesn’t happen every time, although it seems like it these days. Once you are in the checkout it will show the proper prices but once you checkout it reverts and this time without the tax so we are losing on each sale.  Our tax rate is 6.225% for our area and the percentage that is being taken off the total and shown as tax is 5.9% which makes it even weirder.

We also get double products added to the cart but once again it is not every time or any particular product.

Also you can sometimes see these price problems on all the products in the shop, not just the items in the cart!  It comes and goes as it pleases.

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