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Does Magento have a good Reviews System or an option Review module? 
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I currently have an E-Commerce store using a platform called CRE Loaded which is based on OSCommerce.  It was great for starting since I could set it up on my own and the price was right.  The issue is i’ve outgrown it so am looking to go to the next level and likely will be going with Magento.
I have a developer I want to use for this website design/setup and they work with Magento but a question I have is about the review system.  I understand how important reviews have become for stores.  CRE Loaded has a built in review system but you can’t send follow up emails asking for reviews and it’s not that visible so few people know it’s there.
I have begun looking for a review system and two we have looked at is PowerReviews and the other is RateVoice.  We decided mostly on PowerReviews.  The issue is our developer likely won’t be able to get this store launched until early 2012 and we want a review system before then.
We likely will be integrating PowerReviews onto our current CRE Loaded website but when we upgrade to Magento we can easily convert our PowerReviews over to Magento but does Magento have a good built in system or is there even a module that we can purchase for Magento to add reviews?  Part of the issue is PowerReviews is $80/month so it adds up.  If Magento has a built in system or even a module that’s a one time fee we’d gladly switch to that instead of using PowerReviews.

Thank you for your time and help.

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Yes, Magento has native Review module. It is not so powerful as PowerReviews, but it’s free.

Magento Review module is working simply like a comments to a product.

It doesn’t send emails to a customer after he bought a product.

You can see some reports in Admin area for reviews and reviewed products.

The module is enabled by default, so you can test its functionality, for example, on Magento Community Edition for free.



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An alternative solution is for you to use the Yotpo Social Reviews extension.

There are very detailed instructions of how to integrate in to the product pages of a Magento strore. It is also free of charge.

These are its basic feature:

* email for pending review
* weekly digest email
* analytics of your reviewers
* improved SEO capabilities
* sending email reminders automatically after purchase

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