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Billing integration question
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Joined:  2008-08-04

I need to plug not listed in plugin repository billing system to magento-based shop.

The merchant script works like a hub: it takes cart data (item id’s, prices and so on), some merchant data (seller id and so on), send it to billing url and renders the page asking for credit card details. After filling cc details, the same hub script sends data to billing url and returns transaction id on success or “decline” on failure.

at this point i’d like to mention that i’m not dumb and can program php (even do it for money (;)? but i have no expirience not in magento nor in zend framework.
---end of NB---

ok, let’s go on (;

What do i need (as i suppose):

1) get the cart details and POST them to the merchant script. I hope it would be quite simple, the only question here is where the logic for /checkout/cart/ is located.

2) show cc details input form provided by hub script. I need to include magento site header and footer to make this page look native. Of course i can do this with js, but this way is lame imho. Is there any way to render separate header and footer html?

3) I have to receive response and provide a user with some feedback based on that response. So i have to make basic error page, and i have to output on a page and e-mail user some info in case of success. This page (and emails) should be based on cart content and should contain dowload links (the shop is selling downloadable items). This is the most unclear part to me.

Please help, i can provide you with more details if you need.
thanks in advance, pardon for lame english and XOXO from rare php-programming gal (-;

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