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Region Specific Pricing
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We sell large bulky goods and have 3 separate warehouses geographically located in different states. As such freight is quite a big issue and need to price different states accordingly.

Is is possible to set a different price on items for the 3 different locations

I have setup 3 stores but cannot achieve this outcome.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Heart of Dixie, USA

I’m in the exact same situation with a current project. Company has one set of products that are very heavy and require specialized trucking and transportation. They would like the pricing in the catalog to be configurable based on one of seven REGIONS.

The issue: the multiplier to the original price is a percentage of the base price, and will change frequently.

I can use either configurable products or custom configurations within a product to create the seven regions and apply a percentage price increase based on the selected region. However, when this regional percentage changes, I would have to open every single product and change the percentages.

I’m looking for insight into how to set a REGIONAL percentage at a more global level, apply that to a specific sub-set of the catalog. Ideally the customer could pick their region somehow, and have the pricing multiplier thereafter applied to the catalog pricing.

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