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Drop Down Navigation Limits
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Looking to prevent the navigation from a drop down from going beyond my screen limits.  Please see my sample site  The only problem is that I would like them to show up on the Layered Navigation.

For example, I want to have a customer come to the site, click on NFL then it shows all the teams.  Once he clicks on the team, there is no more drop down menus but it takes a person to all the pictures for the Chicago Bears (for example).  Then the layered navigation would exist with all the players names listed alphabetically with the number of pictures for each person.  From this point the customer could choose the Chicago Bear that they are looking for and HOPEFULLY purchase and make me some money.

The current problem is that things get so lost with submenu after submenu and some people might not know that they can click the main section ie Chicago Bears with out actually having to choose a submenu...hence why I would like them to be limited to the first level.



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