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table rate possibility
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My drop shipper has a new policy that charges an extra $25 for oversized items that are shipped via there overnight promotional shipping.

Our problem is, there is no way to configure Magento to use this for a few reasons below:

1. Magento doesn’t allow multiple table rates - without a lot of code manipulation or buying addons that may/may not work.
2. Table rates cannot be base on price and weight at the same time to our knowledge.
3. Promotional shopping cart/catalogue rules are 100% useless.
Not everyone needs to discount stuff Magento team
Why can’t you build the reverse of a discount and a lot of people would be extremely happy!
Make the original software useable in the store environment first with features that about 99% of us need for ecommerce.

If a promotional rule was available that we could use to add an increase to an items price when that item was marked as “oversized=yes” would be one of the most awesome upgrades you could create!

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