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1st Time with Magento - Developing Importer
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This is my first time working with Magento.  I\’m kind of on a tight schedule with this; but I was asked to develop a custom importer for a client, based on a spreadsheet that they will provide us with.  This project involves migration from a prior platform to Magento, and we can\’t really do a retraining on the import process beyond telling the client where to go to upload the files they build.

Can anyone suggest a good, clean explanation of the file structure I can use for building a custom module for the admin side of Magento to read this file and import it?

It doesn\’t need a fancy interface, configurable options or anything of that nature.

Essence: I need to know where I\’ll actually do either my SQL queries or the related model work to do the import / update process.

Please post if you have questions so I can give a clearer picture.

PS - I do a lot of development with Joomla and other platforms, so if anyone has any experience with both and can related in that context, it might make it easier.

Thanks in advance to anyone with input.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

I strongly recommend you to read this article and all related articles in our Knowledge Base. They will give you a brief understanding of Magento structure, a module anatomy, Magento MVC concept, Magento way to deal with models and the data source layer, etc.

Believe me, reading and trying to create some dummy modules would help you a lot.

As a bonus, remember general recommendations regarding customization:
- NEVER modify the core code of Magento.
- Encapsulate all your customizations into custom modules.
- Try to get adwantage of Magento architecture, use events a much as possible, then you may try to rewrite models/blocks/helpers, and only then, as a very latest resort, you may suggest to rewrite controllers.
- Care where you put your logic. Remember that we don’t write pure SQL in Magento except in resource models and data collections. Remember, controllers are to process request, perform validation, loading and rendering the content and sending response to the browser, and models are the place where we keep all our business logic.
- Get familiar with blocks and layout, you won’t be able to deal with Magento efficiently unless you know and understand layout, blocks and their templates.
- Follow the common sense, keep your code style as close as possible to Magento style, respect naming conventions.

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