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Import vs. Dataflow? 
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I am using Through trial and error, I have learned that I can use “Dataflow - Profiles” to import new products into my database. This is a two step process. First, I do “Import All Products” with no images specified in my CSV file. Then, I do “Import All Products” with image names specified in the CSV. Doing it this way and in this order will import all the products in the CSV, even the products that don’t have images found in /media/import. (It is inconvenient to go through hundreds of products and manually identify which ones don’t have images.)

The next problem is how to update products that already exist with new information, like updating prices. For this I have been experimenting with “Import” and not “Dataflow - Profiles.”

I tried importing this CSV data:


It seemed to go well. The price was changed but the product was now marked as “out of stock.” How can this be prevented? I don’t want to have to clobber the “qty” information that exists in the Magento database just so I can update prices.

And can anyone explain the differences between “Import/Export” and “Dataflow - Profiles”?


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With import profiles, you are using the early magento import system, that uses the Magento methods & functions -secure but slow- (approximately), like this.

I would recommend using the new official Mage_ImportExport method -more direct SQL statements-, please see this. I use my extension to add, delete or update products with success (images included).

Please try it and let me known any problems.


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