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Advanced Catalog Pricing Discounts and/or Shopping Cart Pricing Discounts
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By any chance has anyone run into a scenario where you’d like to offer product pricing discounts depending on what’s being ordered / placed in the cart?

We’re looking for the ability to automatically adjust catalog product pricing on the catalog & order pages depending on whats in the cart.


If product X has been added to the cart then automatically adjust catalog pricing for products: A, B, C & Y. (Pricing incentive to display the discounted price for customers after adding a specific product to the cart).

Basically, it would be considered package building discounts. Whenever a customer adds product 1 there’s an incentive to continue to build up their cart while receiving additional discounts depending on how many products / what products are added to the cart.

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An interesting idea.  Hardly believe there is smth ready to use. At the moment there are two completely different algorithms for creating promotions. One is for catalog and the other for cart.  And cart promo shopping rules uses not only the product info, but quote info also (like subtotal, etc). 

Assume you have a rule “Give fixed amount 50$ discount for orders over 600$”.  What discount should be shown at the catalog pages if a customer adds to the cart some product X with the price 100$?

If you have in mind some define examples of the discounts, you may post them here and probably there are some other solutions which can meet your needs.

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