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Buying set of 3 different products at discount vs. just one product in set for full price
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Thanks for any help on this.

I am trying to make it possible for someone to buy one ornament in a set for $13.95 or have the option to buy the whole set of 3 different ornaments for $29.97.  Tiered pricing doesn’t work because the 3 ornaments in the set are different.

I don’t know the best way to do this so that it tracks the inventory for each separate ornament SKU.  I was hoping I could have a drop down menu that would allow customers to select “Complete Set of 3 $29.97” which would add the set to their cart at the $29.95 price ($9.99 per ornament) and automatically break out the set SKUs separately in the cart so that it still tracks the inventory.

So their cart might read:

Product Qty Price
Ornament Set of 3
1. Snowman Ornament #1 1 $9.99
2. Snowman Ornament #2 1 $9.99
3. Snowman Ornament #3 1 $9.99

I guess another way to do it would be to set something up where once each snowman in the set is in the cart, there could be a cart rule that takes out the discount automatically when each SKU is in the cart, but then you have to tell the customer to add each snowman to their cart separately and if they add the wrong one they will be confused.

I could also set up the “Complete Set” as it’s own product, but then customers would have to figure which set of 3 includes the ornament that they are currently looking at.  There would have to be some kind of link on the single ornament’s page that directed them to the “Complete Set” page.  But then it’s not tracking inventory for each SKU again.

Does any of this make sense??

Thanks for any help.

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