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PayPal Express Checkout + Terms and Conditions
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OK at Step 5 of One Page Checkout the user is given the option to Agree to “terms and conditions”.

Of course it is basic to turn on in Admin:

1. Configuration > Checkout > Enable Terms and Conditions
2. Sales > Terms and Conditions > Add New Condition

and works as expected, Step 5 of One Page Checkout will display Terms and Conditions.

Now the problem, using PayPal Express Checkout (whether by hitting the express button on the cart page or by choosing “checkout with PayPal” at Step 4) there is no Terms and Conditions for the user to agree to.

I had a related question up here and I have no idea why but it got deleted.

Anyhow, I need to:

A. Force PayPal Express Checkout users to encounter Step 5 (Terms and Conditions) before Place Order


B. Call **Terms and Conditions** into a modal window that user must agree to before proceeding to PayPal Express Checkout.

as previously stated, I got as far as adding the modal window (by creating a static block with html in it)

<a onclick="Effect.Fade(’paypalmessage’, { duration: 0.5 } );” href="[removed];">
<img height="9" width="9" border="0" align="right" src="{{skin url=’images/closewindow.gif’}}"/>
<div class="clear"></div>
<p style="clear: both;">Terms Should Go Here</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">
<a onclick="Effect.Fade(’paypalmessage’, { duration: 0.5 } );” href="{{store url=’paypal/express/shortcut/’}}">
<img alt="Paypal Checkout” src=""/>

but am stumped at calling the Terms and Conditions to the modal window.

Or directing the process so the user encounters Step 5 before finally placing order.

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I noticed this flaw as well. I’ll post the solution if I get enlighted. So far my workaround is not to use the Express-Checkout.

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Hi, I had this problem in - needed the Terms and Conditions to be checked before the user submitted the order. When using PayPal Express, customers would get back to the site after entering their info in PayPal but they could not submit the order because the terms were nowhere on the page. Found out it was a problem with my theme’s paypal.xml file, was not calling out the agreements block. I replaced/updated my theme’s paypal.xml file with the newer one in the base theme files, now works great.

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