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… Customized Products Workflow Integration - upload files, check them and place order if files ok
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I want to create a shop for customized products e.g. printed T-Shirts.

1. On a first level of integration I need to upload pdf files for every ordered product. The files can be big, upto several 100MB per file. Those when should be checked by a workflow, giving the users feedback about eventual quality problems e.g. to low resolution of pictures. The checks depend on the product. After the approval the order then will be placed. For the business it is important to know many orders have been placed and how many of those are pending for approval and how many are approved.

Is such a workflow integration possible and where would you integrate this? I easily could do the approval with third party tools, but it must be a be a good integration for the customers.

2. After approval I need to send a xml with the specific jobdetails and the pdf to an internal production workflow? Is it possible to create a xml mime package containing a xml and the pdf for every product and pushing it to a remote server ?

3The second level may be the integration of an online layout engine? Does anyone now such engines which could work with Magento

Thanks for your hints and help!

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