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Hi, I have seen some questions related to what I’ll ask, but none gave me the clear view.

I have also read the license OSL 3.0 and the explanation for it from

So, here comes my question:

If my company develops an E-commerce portal, using Magento Community Edition, bundled with the paid module Advanced Extensions, and also some costumizations of our own, using the Magento’s API and also coding directly on Magento’s source, do we need to license the code we develop as OSL 3.0 ? Do we need to give our code to the community ? It will be very specific code for the portal. Also we’ll add more functionalities on it, like ERP and CRM functions.

We won’t sell any software, but we will sell the stores as an online service. As I read on the license, that might be a way of distribution, as an external deployment is considered.

I am really confused about it and need clarification about that.

Best regards,
Ricardo Auada

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I have exactly the same question. In is written:

It is important to note that changes made to the files licensed under OSL 3.0 are considered derivative works. As such, you must disclose any changes you make to the OSL 3.0-licensed copyrighted works whenever you distribute Magento or make your Magento store or software available over the web to a third party.

“Make available” ... does it mean sell this store or the software? Or is already the installation on a public server “making available”?

If yes, what means, I need to publish my changes? Offer a download somewhere? Send a sourcecode copy on request?

This question is nowhere clearly answered, unfortunately!

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