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Packaging errors in 1.5 Resolution and update 3/2
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Joined:  2010-08-03
Culver City

If you are packaging in 1.5 please use the following instructions:

Notice the CHANNEL when packaging has changed to the single word ‘community’

Also: all other issues in this forum still apply. If you have an incomplete extension already listed on connect, it will need to be deleted by me FIRST no matter which way it’s packaged!

Contact me directly with questions.


If you are packaging an extension in 1.5—we’re investigating invalid package.xml

If you are packaging in 1.4 and are still receiving errors, it could be because you have an existing incomplete extension which needs deleted on our end. (these may result in an error telling you the file exists)

1.4 package and upload should be working fine if there are no incomplete extensions on the back-end

PM me or email me directly and I’ll work on these case by case.

If you’re packing for the first time, please use 1.4

If you have an incomplete extension listed, are packaging on 1.4 and getting errors, I need to work with you so contact me.



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