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Magento - Fails with a 501 server configuation problem
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Joined:  2008-07-20

I am at my wits end.  I have tried every which way but loose to upgrade my staging site to 1.5 (also to 1.4).  Each time, the upgrade fails with a 501 page.

Here are the steps I have taken:

1. Dump my live database
2. Import using mysql into my staging database
3. Search and replace all instances of to
4. Empty the session table
5. Run the Magento database repair utility against the new staging database to fix all problems.
6. Download and run the install pointing it to my staging database.

It will run for about 5 minutes and then fail with a 501 server configuration problem.

When I install to a blank database it completes.  When I install to a “virgin” database it completes.  I can only assume there is something wrong with my data and it is corrupted.  I really do not want to lose all my sales data when I upgrade.

How can I check my actual data to see where the problem lies?  Is there anyway to export my sales data and then import it into a database using import/export profiles? 

Thanks for any help!


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