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Custom Shipping Module - neccesary??? 
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Joined:  2008-09-04

Hi all

I’ve been struggling with a custom shipping module as we need to direct all confirmed orders to our shipping company to carry out the delivery. I hit the problem that many developers have had, see countless forum threads, that our custom module shows up in the backend but not in the frontend.

Now I’m wondering, before I bang my head against this wall for another 4 hours, do we even need a custom module?

I could implement the table rate shipping module, but then just hack the core to POST the order to our shipping company.

Does anyone know if this would work? Maybe there are already hooks in place somewhere in the core to post to an external site once an order has been confimed. Maybe there is even a better place to carry out this post than from within the shipping module?

Has anyone else found a solution to this one?



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