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…make cms links work when store code are added to urls
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Lille, France

Hi Magento world !
This point is so common that it should have been discussed many times before for sure but I found quite hard to make a google-efficient query with it so… here I am.

Here is the situation:
1 Website (1 URL) - 1 Store - 2 Store Views (1 for english version, 1 for french)
I set ‘yes’ for adding store code to urls in the backend so all catalog urls are now displaying the english/french store code. Well, quite triumphant for now…

Problem is that every CMS links are now broken !  For example, a click on the header logo leads me to a quite sad but expected ‘NOT FOUND - the requested URL /en/ was not found on this server’.
“expected” for there is of course no real /en directory on the server…

Yes, I know I’m not a credit to Human Genie…

Any help would be appreciated.
(except advice me to do another job)

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